Best DSLR Cameras under 30000 in India | Best Selling and Top Rated

DSLR Cameras under 30,000

Here in this post, we will see some of the top-rated and best DSLR Camera under 30,000 in India.

For capturing high-resolution pictures DSLR Cameras outperform even the best Smartphones. If you are a beginner in photography then you should start learning by using DSLR Cameras in this range.

So without wasting your time let us begin our list.

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    Canon EOS 1500D is the best selling and high rated DSLR Camera on It has a  APS-C CMOS Sensor with 24.1 MP for high resolution Images.

    The ISO 100-6400 Sensitivity gives grain free pictures even in low light.

    For Video shoot this canon camera outperforms others. It gives you full HD video resolution with manual control. You can also select frame rates for great Precision and high video quality.

    It has DIGIC 4+ with 9 auto-focus points which is important for speed, auto-focus, and Burst photography.

    This Canon camera has WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC connectivity which helps you to control your camera remotely and easy file transfer.

    I highly recommend you this camera if you are a beginner. To know more about this camera click on the link below.


    • Light Weight
    • Easy to Use
    • Decent Battery Backup
    • Best For Beginners
    • Good Connectivity for tranferring Images


    • Focus is noisy
    • You will not get any adapter with it
    • The auto-focus feature is not satisfying

    This Sony Cybershot camera is high rated camera on amazon. It has a 50x Zoom with Zeiss which gives you an amazing opportunity to click distant pictures.

    This Canon camera has WiFi, and NFC connectivity which helps you to control your camera remotely and easy file transfer.

    It has BIONZ X for More Detail and Less Noise so it solves your problem of Noise in your Canon EOS 1500 D.

    Shoot full HD videos of resolution 1920×1080 Pixels. This Camera has also in-built picture effects for creative shooting.

    You will get many creative controls which makes you feel like a real DSLR. For transferring files from your camera there are various inbuilt features like WiFi and NFC. You can also control remotely by smartphone app.

    The maximum resolution of this camera is 20.40 MP. It has a good blur for small objects like insects and birds.

    It has a good camera flash which is beneficial for low-light photography. 

    See Full Features of Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V 20.4MP Digital Camera (Black)​


    • Good Camera for Micro Photography
    • It has various in-built picture effects for creative shooting
    • Good stablization
    • Good Optical Zoom
    • Various Connectivity options for transferring Images


    • The flash is a bit noisy
    • The battery lasts for about 5 hours
    • You may face some problems while focus

    Nikon D3500 is my favorite Camera in the range of 30,000 Rupees. It is the best for beginners. You do not need to be a professional photography to click a great photo. 

    This Camera is balanced, lightweight, and sturdy. If you love travelling then it is made for you. Nikon D3500 is fast, responsive, and easy to use.

    It clicks amazingly detailed Images which are 15 times sharper and clearer than regular smartphones. This camera offers you to capture 5 images per second at a sharp focus. You just need is to press and hold the shutter button. This feature allows you to capture such moments that lasts for only a part of a second.

    Amazon offers you two different lenses for portrait and landscape clicks. 

    So if you are a newbie in photography then you should go through Nikon D3500.


    • Aamzing grip and Stability
    • Light Weight
    • Good Focus
    • Simple and Easy to use due to its user-friendly design
    • Awesome Picture Quality
    • Long Lasting Battery


    • The camera doesn't has WiFi Connectivity option

    Due to its design and High quality Images Fujifilm X-T100 has been placed in our list. This camera has a very compact design which makes it easy to handle.

    This camera is a mirror less camera which may not be suitable for professional photographers but if you are an artist or craft man then you will love this.

    Fujiform gives you a complete set of creative items that you may require to learn photography. This camera is very easy to use specially made for newbies.

    It has a 3 way tilting touch screen. You can capture images at the rate of 15 frames per second this is the feature that I like the most about this camera. If you want to capture those moments which lasts for a part of a second then I recommend you this camera.

    To know more click on the button below.


    • High Quality Images
    • Compact Design
    • Touch Screen
    • Amazing High Speed continuous shooting lets you shoot at the speed of 15 Frames a second


    • You may feel its auto-focus feature terrible
    • The Video Quality is not that good

    Sony ILCE5100L is made by sony for newbies. This camera has gapless on-chip micro lenses for the production of optimized light gathering with minimal noise.

    This camera shoots by 6 Frames per second continuous shooting for capturing high speed objects or moments which lasts for no more a second.

    You can record movies in Full HD details with the resolution of 1080p.

    You can easily share images with WiFi and NFC Connectivity.


    • High Quality Images
    • Selfie Camera for Vlogging
    • Amazing High Speed continuous shooting lets you shoot at the speed of 6 Frames a second


    • You cannot Record Longer Videos which are 29 Minutes Long

    What Do you Mean by ISO of a Camera?

    ISO of a camera is measured as the sensitivity of the camera. In simple words if your camera ISO will be lower then it will be less sensitive to light.

    The less it will be sensitive to light the more grainy photograph will be.

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    2 thoughts on “Best DSLR Cameras under 30000 in India | Best Selling and Top Rated”

    1. Would you help me with something if you have a second? I’m looking at a new DSLR and it seems like Nikon and Canon are the 2 big players. Do you think those are the only 2 brands to consider? Or is there another brand that you think is just as good but maybe cheaper? I’m looking for the best bang for my buck really. Thanks in advance for your answer!

      1. Himanshu Shukla

        Hey Garret, as you said Canon and Nikon are two big players in DSLR Cameras, there are other players in the field too. Panasonic, Fujifilm and Sony are also making good quality DSLR cameras. If you are looking for budget-friendly DSLR camera then Go with Nikon or Canon. Preferably Nikon since they are much better than Canon Cameras.
        Hope you find it helpful. 🙂

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