Best Electric Sewing machine under 1000 rupees in India

Electric sewing machines under 1000 rupees

In this post, we will see some of the best electric Sewing machines under 1000 rupees. Sewing machines are an integral part of an Indian home. With the advancement in technology, those mechanical sewing machines are replaced by electric sewing machines. These sewing machines are more efficient and easy to use in comparison to mechanical sewing machines.

Without wasting your time let us start out the list. If you have not read Best sewing machines under 4000, then go and read.

HNESS multi electric sewing machine is one of the most selling electric sewing machines in India.

I saw this model on Amazon and purchased this after seeing the positive reviews on Amazon. And When I received this then I realized that those reviews are completely legit. I have not found any problem with this Sewing machine. This electric sewing machine is available on Amazon under 1000 rupees. So here I want to review why you should go through this sewing machine?

What will you get in the package?

You will get an electric sewing machine, of course, 4 Metal bobbins, 1 Foot peddle, 1 Needle, 1 needle threader, a User Manual and a Power Adapter.

Main Features

  • It has a mini design which is compact and it easily fits in your cupboard. It has a built-in lamp and a thread cutter so you don’t need to search for scissors every time to cut your thread. 
  • Sewing those cuffs and collars are not a big issue with this sewing machine since there is a special slot for sewing those sections.
  • The body of this sewing machine is compact so you put this into your cupboard.
  • It can sew most of the fabrics except thick fabrics like Denim and Velvet.
  • It has two-speed controls which let you monitor the stitching more precisely.


Overall this is an Amazing electric sewing machine in this price range. If you are searching for a good electric sewing machine under the budget of 1000 rupees. You should definitely go with this one if you are searching for a basic home purpose sewing machine.

Pros and Cons

  • It has embedded Thread cutter and light for efficient stitching
  • Compact design which takes less space
  • It is a multipurpose Sewing machine which works on most of the fabrics.
  • Special cuff and collar stitching sections
  • You will get a paddle to use this sewing machine through your feet also
  • There is no Reverse stitching function
  • It do not work on heavy fabrics like denim and velvet but this is not a big issue
There are two other electric sewing machines with same specifications but through different brands

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